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Summer is prime time for traveling to some of the best destinations in the USA. While popular travel locations like Florida may be great to see in winter, when the rest of the country is cold, there are many locations best seen in the hot days of summer. These are three of the most popular summer getaways in the country. 


Seattle, Washington

This city is famous for being rainy most of the year. This reputation is well earned. While it doesn’t often pour, it’s usually sprinkling and probably will be in the summertime as well. For your best weather, you want to stick to the months of July and August. While that’s a narrow window, it’s worth it! 


On a clear day, you can see Mount Rainier from downtown Seattle. Take a seat in one of the restaurants at Pike’s Place Market with a waterside view, and you’ll see the snow-covered mountain in the distance! If the rain doesn’t strike, you’ll be near one of the best aquariums around. 


If you have the time, take a ferry ride from downtown out to any of the islands and enjoy a stellar view. You’ll likely still want a jacket. It gets chilly on the water, and even in July, it’s common for the high to be in the mid-70s. Other highlights here include the space needle and some of the best coffee around. 


Chicago, IL

Chicago is a city with extreme seasons. Lake effect snow makes the windy city a difficult place to be in the dead of winter. The residents of Chicago spend the winter months indoors. So when summer comes around, they’re out and making the most of it! 


Millennium Park is full of summer events, art, and people watching. This city is right on Lake Michigan, so it’s a great place to hit the beach. Take a boat ride and get a unique view of the Chicago skyline from the water. Get your photo taken at the Cloud Gate (the giant bean-shaped sculpture with a mirrored surface). Have a deep-dish pizza in Chicago. Visit Chicago’s Skydeck, if you’re brave enough to look down at a glass floor at the 1,350-foot drop below you, and get a beautiful view of Chicago in the summer. 


Boston, MA

Boston is another city that’s brutally cold in the winter. This city is a historic part of the country and a beautiful place to visit in the warm summer months. For some history, visit the Freedom Trail and check out every historical site you can. Don’t miss your chance to stand at Boston Harbor when it’s warm enough you can really take it in.


You’ll have average highs in the 70s and 80s. Perfect weather to go see Fenway Park! There’s also Boston Common and Boston Public Garden to spend some time out in the sunshine. At the end of the day, hit up some of the standout microbreweries Boston famously has on tap.