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Apollo Adventures is a travel membership agency based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Its mission is to bring the best value in all things related to travel for its members, and have become known as a premier leader in the industry. It was originally founded over 25 years ago, and has learned about what its customers are looking for when working with a travel agency. From traveling on a budget to exploring a new country for the first time, customers can rest knowing that their trip will be everything they imagine.

When becoming a member of Apollo Adventures, members are given access to a number of exciting benefits. To begin, members will get access to Apollo’s extensive global database of exciting travel locations, and can choose a destination that fits their wants. The database is updated on a consistent basis, so members will always have new destinations to choose from. Another major advantage of the membership is the amount of money that is saved when planning a trip. Members will get access to great deals on travel that will help make the trip as relaxing as possible.

When thinking about planning a trip, consider hiring a travel agency to take care of planning the trip. The experts at Apollo Adventures can help members find the right location and accommodations in a premier travel destination. From high-end beach resorts in the Caribbean to experiencing the beauty of fall in Europe, the offers included in Apollo’s membership are unmatched.

Since moving into the digital age, Apollo Adventures has also committed itself to making their member portal more accessible than ever before. Members will be given access to a members-only portal, and includes premier travel opportunities at great prices. To learn more about Apollo Adventures, visit them at