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As the summer continues to move forward, many families are beginning to think about potential travel plans. With the coronavirus continuing to have a profound impact on travel, it is likely, not surprising that many families are looking for a more secluded getaway as a result. Secluded getaways allow a family to practice social distancing measures that remain in place across the country, while also providing a relaxing vacation as a family.

Chena Hot Springs
Located in the beautiful state of Alaska, the Chena Hot Springs Resort is most well-known for its hot springs and incredible views. Families can choose adventures that include day trips to Fairbanks for the day to explore what Alaska has to offer. Visitors have the opportunity to tour its hot springs, view the Northern Lights, take a dog sled tour, and more. With so many options for visitors to explore, there is something for everyone when visiting Chena Hot Springs Resort. 

Second Beach, Washington
For families who are looking for a camping adventure, Second Beach, Washington could provide the perfect getaway. Located along the coastline of Washington, the beach can provide a great camping experience with breathtaking views. With other beautiful hikes nearby, this is a great place for a secluded camping getaway. 

Dry Tortugas, Florida
While it can only be accessed by boat or airplane, Dry Tortugas, Florida, is a great place to consider for a secluded getaway. Known as a national park, Dry Tortugas can provide visitors with unforgettable views of the Florida coastline and beaches. Those who want to make a day trip to the national park can also take a ferry to and from the island. Other activities on the island include a guided plane tour, boat tour, and fishing excursions. 

Poconos, Pennsylvania
Located in Pennsylvania, the Poconos Mountains is a great option for families to consider, as there are countless activities and events that are great for people of all ages. Those interested in exploring nature can choose from a variety of family resorts, including Blue Mountain Adventure Group and Camelback Lodge & Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark.

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