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With the recent coronavirus outbreak still impacting countries around the world, it is likely not surprising to learn that people have been asked not to travel until further notice. This step was taken in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. While a majority of travelers have canceled non-essential travel plans, there are still some instances that require some form of travel. If you are required to travel, make sure to follow these tips to help you stay healthy. 

Prioritize Rest
While it may sound obvious to get enough rest, it is not always a priority when traveling, especially if it is a busy trip. In order to reduce the risk of getting sick while traveling, it is important to continue getting enough rest to help your body recharge. Getting enough rest helps to build the immune system to fight off anything that you may have been exposed to during your trip. 

Keep Important Medication On-Hand
When traveling by airplane, it can be tempting to check all of your belongings to make your trip easier. For those who do check luggage, it is very important to make sure to keep any medications on-hand. If your luggage does not make it to your destination for any reason and important prescription medication was in the luggage, it could quickly become an urgent health issue. It is best to avoid this risk by keeping all medications in your carry-on bag. 

Make Time To Move
It is common for people to skip exercise while traveling, especially if there is not a lot of free time. It still remains important to find time to move your body each day, as exercise can help build your body’s immune system. Setting aside a few minutes in the morning or evening times to take a walk or complete a short workout can help boost your body’s immune response, as well as help improve one’s overall mood. Additionally, exercising can help promote more restful sleep and is highly recommended for anyone who experiences sleep disruptions when traveling. 

When traveling, it is also important to eat nutritious foods that can help boost your immune system. Following these steps can help reduce the risk of getting sick while traveling.